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JD Forced to Revisit Teen Angst when Jordan Catalano Appears on Local News with Weird Hair

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

JD has lived her whole life without having to grapple with teen angst, and she's proud of it. As she should be - she grew up with big sister Davis, who blared a LOT of Nine Inch Nails songs to get back at their parents. Imagine going through that and coming out unscathed.

JD has such an issue with teen angst, she recently beefed with it. More specifically, she beefed with people who carry angst into their adult years. "Get over it," she said. She later admitted she was talking directly to Davis, an avid fan of shows in the teen angst genre, like My So-called Life.

Imagine her surprise when, just days after the release of that WYB pod episode, Jordan Catalano appeared on the local news with weird hair, talking about how he learned of the coronavirus while on a silent retreat and touting his Golden Globe-nominated appearance on some movie that went straight to streaming since movie theaters aren't a thing anymore.

"See, this is exactly what I'm talking about," JD said. "Why did this guy suddenly pop back up in a serious black turtleneck? Why is he weighing in on COVID? Why was Jordan Catalano in high school anyway? Wasn't he like 24?"

To deal with her sudden re-introduction to a world she hates, JD did the only thing she could: made a meme.


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