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The Tumbles I Took: A Memoir by Davis - RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

In her first in a potential series of pretentious memoirs, The Tumbles I Took, WYB producer Davis reflects on falling down the stairs, the amount of time she spends falling down stairs, and, most importantly, how her choice of footwear has changed since she's been constantly falling down stairs. Order your advance copy now!**

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"The Tumbles I Took takes the reader on a wild ride!" - NY Times Book Critic Who Asked to Remain Anonymous

"Davis' character begins the story with a lack of understanding about the importance of tread. As a reader, we feel like she surely gets it after the first fall. But then, she falls again. It was truly a masterpiece and a delight to see in real time." - JD

**To place an order, send 6 cents taped to a homemade order form to the following address:


Butthole of the World

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