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Cleveland Squirrel Gets Famous in Michigan, Forgets Where He Came From

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

After getting caught on camera devouring a Nutter Butter from Davis' "thank you" table while staring directly into her eyes, Fat Squirrel did NOT become an internet sensation. He waited until later when he likely realized that Cleveland is for amateurs.

Just weeks after the WYB gang posted this video of the squirrel on TikTok, where it would've received negative likes if that were possible, Fat Squirrel disappeared. While Davis assumed this meant that he had either been telepathically threatened or murdered by Carl Dinky Davis, she was shocked when she saw him (albeit a fatter version of him) turn up at the University of Michigan and go viral.

"I know it's him," Davis said. "He's just enjoying his newfound fame. He never even thanked us for sparking his love for entertainment. He never even thanked us for the Nutter Butter! That's just like a squirrel to do something like that."

JD has a different theory. "Maybe Davis should be thanking Fat Squirrel, since he was the only taker of our 'thank you' table snacks. If it weren't for him, she'd just be carrying a table full of snacks in and out of the house for no reason," she said. "Plus, Carl killed his dad by scaring him to death. There's also that."


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